Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements and Analysis

ImageImage found at: on 8 April 2013

This image of a woman opening a ketchup bottle with the words, “You mean a woman can open it?” follows the stereotype that women are weaker than men.  There is a very common stereotype that women are physically not very strong.  The sarcastically surprised look on the woman’s face speaks volumes.  Women are seen as smaller and weaker, but women are strong too.

Opening a ketchup bottle is not a very difficult task.  Women are much stronger than we are often given credit for.  The insinuation that a woman is so weak that she cannot open a ketchup bottle is insulting.  In my opinion, there is a sarcastic undertone to this advertisement as if to say it is absurd to think a woman could not open a bottle.

ImageImage found at: on 8 April 2013

This image is an advertisement for COVERGIRL makeup.  The advertisement contains an image of a potential Olympic Boxer, Marlen Esparza.  She is dressed in her boxing attire.  The caption, “I’M, I’M BEAUTIFUL, I’M A COVERGIRL” is written on the advertisement as what she is saying. This image is advertising mascara, the caption with the mascara states, “go for the gold”.

This advertisement counters gender stereotypes.  Boxing is a sport that is made up of mostly men.  Anyone who is trained as a boxer must be very strong.  This advertisement shows that this woman is not only strong, she is beautiful.   It portrays that it is completely acceptable and completely possible for a woman to be strong and beautiful.  It is completely acceptable for a woman to be a boxer and still be considered feminine.

Image found at: on 8 April 2013

This is an advertisement for LEGO.  There is a little girl on the advertisement with the caption, “Look what I built with LEGO!”  This advertisement counters gender stereotypes.  LEGO is typically a toy that is known as being geared more toward boys.

This advertisement shows that girls can play with LEGO too.  They can be just as creative with the things they make with LEGO.  The advertisement shows that the little girl in this advertisement has built a very elaborate structure with LEGO.  This advertisement proves that both boys and girls can be very successful at building beautiful things using LEGO.

Image found at: on 8 April 2013

This advertisement has a picture of Dr. Pepper Ten with the caption “It’s not for women”.  This advertisement insinuates that Dr. Pepper Ten is only meant for men.  From my perspective, the advertisement is saying that the drink is too tough for women. In my opinion, it is saying that you have to be tough to drink this beverage.

This advertisement is similar to the advertisement with the woman opening the bottle.  However, I think this advertisement is more offensive in promoting gender stereotypes.  Not only is this advertisement essentially saying that women are weaker than men, but they have created a beverage specifically for one gender.

Image found at:  on 8 April 2013

       This image is of an ad in a catalog.  It is of a  toy ATM machine and vacuum.  The little boy is playing with the ATM machine and the girl is playing with the vacuum.  This advertisement shows the stereotype that men make money and women clean.  This shows a modern take on a very old fashion gender stereotype.

This advertisement makes it appear as though women are not capable of earning money.  It also makes it seem as though men do not clean.  Women are very capable of earning a lot of money.  Men should never be embarrassed to clean.

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